500 Yuan To Buy A Mobile Phone Case, Why Are Young People So Obsessed?


Chen Xin, a post-90s girl, said that when she came home from get off work in the evening, she brushed beautiful phone cases on Taobao and Xiaohongshu, which became her main way to release negative energy. "I like cartoons and shiny mobile phone cases, especially for girls. Many stores get 25% off when they buy three iphone 14 pro max cases, and I will place an order for three at a time."

According to NPD GroupInc survey data, 75% of smartphone users will use iphone 14 pro max case, and 25% of users will buy more than 2 mobile phone cases to match different phone styles and clothing.

For contemporary young people, iphone 14 pro max case is no longer a mere protective case, but a new type of social currency that can be used to express emotions, personality and attitudes. Mobile phone cases with cheap prices, fashion trends, and low consumption thresholds can easily make people addicted to buying. Capital is also chasing young people. Since the second half of last year, brands including CASETiFY and Play Shell Factory have successively obtained financing.

Recently, Chen Xin has to change the phone case almost every week. "Buying an iphone 12 case cover is the same as buying milk tea. It costs a few tens of dollars and the price is not expensive. When you get bored, throw it away. You don't feel bad when you spend money. Addictive."

Although Xiao Qin, who has worked for many years, has passed the period when she was addicted to buying iphone 10 phone cases, she said that she needs to change at least four or five phone cases every year.

personalised phone cover

For young people, the aesthetic significance of mobile phone cases is exceeding the practical significance. More and more people will change mobile phone cases according to the season, mood and color of clothes, rather than buying them when they are missing.

Xiao Qin said: "I change different phone cases every season, such as red ones for Chinese New Year, flowers with flowers in spring, bright colors in summer, and textured ones in winter. I can't change my phone frequently, just use cute ones when I'm in a good mood. Wind, and occasionally aesthetic fatigue, I will replace it with a solid-color liquid silicone phone case. The phone can’t be changed often, but changing the phone case can change the mood and freshness.”

After seeing the enthusiasm of young people for changing shells, Han Bing, CEO of Play Shell Factory, led the team to develop a DIY mobile phone shell smart machine in 2019. On the intelligent manufacturing machine, users can customize, instantly make, buy and take. At present, in the business districts where young people gather in Chaoyang Joy City and Hopson Hui in Beijing, the DIY mobile phone case smart manufacturing machine of Play Shell Factory can sell 20 to 35 mobile phone cases every day.

Mobile phone cases have become a way for young people to express their emotions and attitudes towards life, and have strong social attributes. Han Bing believes that some consumers care more about the content of the phone case itself than the material and quality. When the popular drama "The Hidden Corner" became popular, phone cases printed with "Are you going to climb a mountain together?" sold well; and when "The Beginning" was on the air, it became popular to print "Out of the Loop" on the phone cases.

"Many slogans on mobile phone cases will refer to current hotspots. People like to print text and patterns expressing their opinions and emotions on mobile phone cases." Han Bing said.

On the e-commerce platform, there are various styles and styles of mobile phone cases, and they are closely integrated with the trend and fashion culture. We worked hard on materials to produce mobile phone cases made of cream glue, three-dimensional oil painting, metal, laser, plush, and leather. Some took the emotional route and printed slogans such as "I want to be self-disciplined" to resonate with young people; some The main style is funny, and the mobile phone case is made into the shape of socket, kitchen knife, and snail powder, which is full of fun.

, the best-selling mobile phone cases on e-commerce platforms are priced between 10 and 40 yuan. Most of the consumers are women. They closely follow popular culture and the Internet context, and are very catering to the needs of young people who are pursuing small things. Social media and celebrity effects are also fueling a boom in mobile phone case consumption. In recent years, mirror photos of celebrities have become more and more popular, and fashionistas have incorporated mobile phone cases into their outfits to create a sense of atmosphere, which has been sought after by many netizens.

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