Are You Really Good At Choosing Android Phone Cases?


Are you really good at choosing Android phone cases?


Nowadays, everyone likes to put a Android phone cases on their android phone, and the mobile phone case with various styles has also become a single product that shows individuality. The price of Android phone cases ranges from a few yuan, dozens to hundreds of yuan. In the face of the dazzling mobile phone case market, many people can easily choose inferior Android phone cases when choosing.


Although it is a small accessory, it is the longest in the hand. Therefore, you also need to pay attention to a little when choosing a mobile phone case, and don't just use "good-looking" as the standard.


Let's talk about the most important "material" first. Common mobile phone case materials include silicone, glass, metal, TPU, leather, etc.


01 Soft silicone phone case


Silicone mobile phone case is one of the earliest used mobile phone case materials. It is characterized by softness and elasticity, good anti-fall effect, and low price. Even if it is frequently replaced, it will not feel distressed. But at the same time, the disadvantage is that it is easy to get dirty and oily, and the overall fit is poor.


02 TPU phone case


The mobile phone case made of TPU is the current mainstream, and its advantages are strong impact resistance and scratch resistance. It is an excellent material as a mobile phone protective case and has a strong fit. But the TPU phone case has an obvious disadvantage, that is, it is easy to "yellow" and has poor wear resistance.


03 PC material mobile phone case


The mobile phone case made of PC is also one of the mainstream at present. It has the advantages of good light transmittance and strong transparency. It can be printed with patterns on it, and the styles are changeable, which is deeply loved by everyone. And the hardness is strong, anti-drop, can more effectively protect the mobile phone.


However, this material also has shortcomings, that is, although it is resistant to falling, it is not scratch-resistant, and various scratches will appear after a long time of use.

 phone case

04Metal/leather/fabric phone case


These three materials are relatively rare. The advantages of metal materials are that they have good texture, long-lasting wear resistance, and are very stable, which can effectively prevent the body from wearing. The disadvantage is that it will increase the size and weight of the fuselage, and the portability is poor.


The advantages of leather material are unique appearance, good feel and good protection. But the waterproof performance is poor and expensive.


The mobile phone case made of fabric material feels good in the hand and feels very comfortable. And the appearance is fashionable and the price is cheap. But at the same time, it is not waterproof, not resistant to dirt, and the protection of mobile phones is also much poorer.


After understanding the material, talk about the workmanship. Although the selling price of mobile phone cases is generally not high, since it was bought with money, it is naturally a better product. No matter how good the material is, the workmanship is not good, and the final product is also flawed. To distinguish whether the workmanship is exquisite or not, you need to carefully observe the front of the phone case and the inside of the side box. If no obvious flaws are found after observation, it is still a good product.


What kind of phone case do you like to use the most?


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