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As a country with the most complete industrial system in the world, China has established a rich network of supply chain systems.Beneath this big network, there are many high-achieving companies. These companies may not be well-known, but they actively participate in the global supply chain, and their market share is even high enough to rank in the forefront. They are typical "hidden champion" companies.Taking the mobile phone industry chain as an example, everyone's attention is mostly on components such as chips, screens, cameras, etc., but few people pay attention to mobile phone cases.

Friends who follow online trends know that September 16 is the launch date of the new generation of iphone 14 series, and many friends should have gotten the new phones one after another and felt the fresh experience brought by the iphone 14 series. However, bare metal always makes people feel insecure, for fear that the new phone will bump into problems, so now many friends have begun to choose a suitable galaxy a52 phone case for the iphone 14 series, hoping to play a protective role.

IMD design cell phone case

At the same time, more and more friends are now starting to see galaxy a52 phone case as a way to show their aesthetic love. In addition to being highly protective,the galaxy a52 phone case must also keep up with the current trend. It has to be high. Because of this, there are many unique mobile phone case designs on the market. For example, the galaxy note 20 phone case with superior material made by E-redtree for the iPhone 14 series brings together a variety of trendy elements and has quite a visual effect. Unique and very eye-catching at first glance.

Named "Painting Flowers", although this series of mobile phone cases are made of double-sided IMD material commonly used by E-redtree, which is soft and skin-friendly, it can present a full beauty by virtue of the whole body, with various optimized flower patterns Showing full personality. This oppo a72 phone case not only has high impact resistance,but also the bumps in daily life will not affect the appearance of the phone case, let alone hurt the phone, and it is not too thick, so there will be no phone case. The problem of reducing the portability of mobile phones is worthy of praise.

custom phone case maker

At the same time, this series of mobile phone cases have also undergone a variety of rigorous tests, such as high temperature and high humidity test, cosmetic resistance test, drop test, drop hammer test, vibration abrasion test and jeans stained cloth test, etc., which means Because it can well deal with various problems in daily life scenes, it will bring friends a consistent use experience, and it will not start to fade, yellow, dye, etc.

Guangzhou Qimeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. established E-redtree brand, which is a custom phone case maker for more than 10 years, mainly making plastic phone cases and personalized phone cases. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.Whatsapp:+86 13660552024

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