Mobile phone cases Still need hard work for building a leading brand


I'm a phone case lover in just a few months. I have purchased many vivo v19 back covers. My good friend Xiaohong, in the process of buying mobile phone cases, she likes to buy cool iphone 11 cases, I believe there are many people who love to buy mobile phone cases like me. As our mobile phone accessories, mobile phone cases are very popular in the market, so what is the current market prospect of mobile phone cases? Did you know.


The reporter noticed that the mobile phone case, a track with huge capacity and full of opportunities, not only attracts countless small businesses, but is also valued by major mobile phone manufacturers. Meizu's "blackened unicorn" magnetic mobile phone case is priced at 129 yuan, the phone case for iphone 13. is priced at 329 yuan, and the Huawei P30 Pro limited edition set is priced at 400 yuan higher because of the addition of a star diamond phone case. . China's "first stock of mobile phone cases" Jemet, with Huawei's own brand accessories certification and authorization, will achieve revenue of 715 million yuan in 2021.


Investment institutions have also heard the news. In June 2021, CASETiFY received tens of millions of dollars in Series A financing from C capital; in December 2021, “Play Shell Factory” received tens of millions of dollars in Series A financing from Xiaomi and Shunwei Capital. More "professional players". But it is undeniable that the current mainstream of the domestic market is still low-cost mobile phone cases. "Most of the domestic mobile phone cases are still small factories, and the price of the entire market terminal cannot be priced by domestic brands in overseas markets." Mr. Xu said that the current domestic mobile phone market overall shipment volume is very considerable, with 300 million mobile phones a year , even if a mobile phone case only sells for 10 yuan, it still has a market share of 3 billion yuan. "This makes most merchants still choose to focus on volume and have no intention to build a brand."


"The mobile phone case industry currently lacks a unified standard, and the quality of mobile phone cases on the market is uneven, and the gap is huge." An industry insider said that to a certain extent, consumers are not unwilling to buy more expensive mobile phone cases, but are unwilling to buy. Pay more for lower quality phone cases. He said that in the future, this business has huge room for imagination, but in order to achieve sustainable growth, the brand needs to work hard to do original design, increase the awareness of copyright protection, and use truly high-quality original mobile phone cases to support the consumption upgrade of young people. 

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