Should we wear a case on our phone or not?


  Although everyone has different habits when it comes to mobile phones, it's rare to see a bare phone on the street, but they all wear a case on their phone, mainly to protect it. Although the feel is not as good as a bare phone, which is the only shortcoming, for the phone should not wear a case in the end, the author to answer the question for you!

The advantages of wearing a case


1. Safety

  As the manufacturing level of mobile phones improves, the screen size becomes bigger and bigger, the bezel gets narrower and narrower, and the price gets higher and higher, which means that the phone's resistance to pressure is not really very high, and a slight bump could cause serious damage if you are unlucky. With this in mind, wearing a good vivo mobile cover can improve the phone's resistance to drops and reduce the likelihood of accidental damage.


2. Aesthetics

  There are many different brands of mobile phones, but the difference in appearance is not particularly great. Although homogenisation is rejected, from a certain point of view, this is the result of the aesthetic orientation of the public. Wearing a variety of different styles of samsung m31s mobile cover is based on personal aesthetics, and the chances of clashing cases are less. Although we can't decide what our phones look like, we can make changes by 'dressing' them up. There are many different styles of cases available from various mobile phone accessory brands, including our brand E-redtree.


3. Value

  For example, if we want to sell a phone that we are using, if one phone has a lot of bumps and bruises and the other is as good as new, there is no doubt that the second one will be sold for a higher price.




  The feel is not good, although many samsung m31s mobile cover brands try to make their products as thin and light as possible, but still can not compare with the bare phone, but also from a certain extent pull down the feel of the phone.

Should we wear a case on our phone or not?

  From the above perspectives, the advantages of wearing a samsung m31s mobile cover are greater than the disadvantages, after all, can play a protective role, but of course, users can also use the demand to buy some different thicknesses, types of silicone mobile cover, try to pursue a comfortable feel.

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