Which cute iphone 13 case is best? Five materials tell you


In order to protect their mobile phones, more and more friends will choose to buy mobile phone cases of different materials from the Internet to protect their mobile phones, so that they can feel more at ease when using mobile phone cases. There are more and more types of cute iphone 13 cases.on the market now, and people often don't know how to choose. When you choose a phone case, will you consider the material of the phone case? What material would you choose for your iphone 12 max pro case.So do you know what materials the phone case is made of? Which material of the mobile phone case is better, now let me introduce the material of the mobile phone case. Let's take a look below.

plastic phone case

When we usually buy mobile phone cases, sometimes we only pay attention to the appearance of mobile phone cases. Today's young people especially like personalized iphone 13 case, but we have no in-depth understanding of the material of mobile phone cases. Now let me talk about the five materials of mobile phone case:

1. Plastic material:

Mainly belongs to rubber, vulcanization molding for finished product process. Pieces of silica gel are put into the mold, and then heated and pressurized to make the product. The silica gel is generally imported. If the silica gel is not good, the burrs will be particularly obvious, which will greatly affect the appearance. Of course, silicone phone cases also have corresponding advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of the silicone phone case is that it is very convenient when you use it, and it can also prevent dust and fingerprints. Moreover, this silicone material is moderately soft and hard, and the mobile phone silicone case will have a certain degree of softness to protect the mobile phone. There are many kinds of mobile phone silicone cases, and there are many patterns of different specifications, which can enrich our lives by changing different mobile phone silicone cases every day or regularly. The disadvantage of the silicone phone case is that in addition to protecting the phone, the silicone case of the phone is easy to get dirty, and it will affect the heat dissipation performance of the phone, increase the thickness of the phone, and affect the use of the phone. After knowing the pros and cons of silicone material, would you buy a cute iphone 13 cases that is made of silicone.

2.pc material:

PC scientific name polycarbonate, is a thermoplastic engineering plastics. The toughness and luster of the pc material are particularly good, and the product can be made very thin. The thinnest iPhone case is said to be 0.5mm. The color of the pure pc material is particularly good, which is very good. PC plastic has high impact strength, wide operating temperature range; high transparency and free dyeing; high H.D.T.; excellent electrical properties; Moreover, it is heat-resistant, impact-resistant, flame-retardant, and has good mechanical properties at ordinary operating temperatures. Compared with the properties close to polymethyl methacrylate, polycarbonate has good impact resistance, high refractive index, good processing performance, and has UL94 V-2 flame retardant performance without additives.

3. Leather material:

Good quality phone cases are usually made of pigskin and cowhide. Generally, the outer layer of dermis is applied to the skin, and the inner layer is made of PU material, which reduces the cost and achieves the visual effect of the dermis. Leather is also one of the more popular. Compared with the slightly ordinary textured silicone case, business people who work hard in the workplace prefer to use a generous and decent mobile phone case. out of taste.

4. Metal material:

The texture of metal products is undoubtedly very good, and most of the product grades are relatively high, and the surface treatment technology is now very mature. The disadvantage is that the installation is relatively inconvenient. If it is a product installed with screws, then be careful, because the metal material is generally made of aluminum alloy. No matter what it is called aviation aluminum or other aluminum, the screw holes are easy to slip. open.

5. TPU plastic clear water phone case:

From the feel of the hand, the hardness of TPU is generally harder than that of silicone, and the elasticity of hand pinching is stronger, while the elasticity of silicone is slightly worse. From the outside, TPU can be made very transparent, but silica gel cannot. The most transparent one is very hazy like a thick fog. The disadvantage of TPU is that it is easy to deform. There are also many cute iphone 13 casesin TPU material, will you choose to buy them.

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