Why are young people now obsessed with vivo x80 phone cases cases?


For contemporary young people, the most contact electronic equipment in the day is the mobile phone. However, there is a layer of physical barrier that is not easy to detect --vivo x80 phone cases between us and mobile phones. Turn on the screen of the phone, which is also the time for you to touch the mobile phone case every day.

As a consumable, in the corner of the office, colleagues can be seen everywhere that has become yellow with time.

According to data from the China Information and Communication Research Institute, in 2021, the overall shipments of the domestic mobile phone market were 351 million units. From this data, the demand for mobile phone cases in my country is more than 350 million.

What magic power has the little mobile phone case that attracts us to pay infinitely for it?


New hobbies of young people, stock stylish phone cases

Consumers' "purchase" batch purchase of mobile phone cases is becoming a new phenomenon of consumption.

"Many shops buy three mobile phone cases and get 75 % off, and I will place three orders at one time."

"Every time Taobao make up the first product to reduce the first product is the mobile phone case, you can always use it to buy a few more."

Search for mobile phone case sellers on Taobao, there are more than 580,000 stores, and mobile phone cases have become one of the most vibrant consumer goods.

According to a survey by Strategy Analytics, the frequency of consumers' replacement of mobile phones has changed from 12 months in 2018 to a 30 -month change today. When the major mobile phone manufacturers racked their brains and thought about how to sell their new mobile phones against the trend, the mobile phone shell became the hottest business.


Mobile phone case changes from durable products to fast --selling products


Once upon a time, buying a mobile phone with a transparent water sleeve was a way to pass the mobile phone industry. The attached mobile phone case was strong and durable. It would not be lost until it became yellow.

Later, in order to save costs and environmental protection considerations, various good -looking vivo x80 phone cases poured into the market.

After 00, the girl Xiaoba told us: "There is only one mobile phone, but there are countless mobile phone cases. For me, the mobile phone case is more like decorations, similar to you made a nails. I have about 20 mobile phones. Shells, I want to change my phone several times, but I still can't bear to throw these shells. "


Business on the back of the phone


As the trend of young people hoarding mobile phone cases intensified, mobile phone cases have become a complete upstream and downstream business. Any element you can think of in life will appear on vivo x80 phone cases. Some mobile phone cases also have learning functions, and difficult knowledge points can be printed on it. The mobile phone case and any popular food can be quickly combined. The new TV series and popular games will basically appear on the next day.


The mobile phone case, not just the shell


With the military reserve competition of mobile phone manufacturers, today's mobile phone case materials are becoming more and more strong, and the role of mobile phone cases seems to be no longer just protecting mobile phones. Mobile phone case elements, materials and styles are becoming more diversified. In addition to traditional silicone, plastic and leather, metal, acrylic, wood and even carbon fiber also appeared.With the attached to the mobile phone, it is known for its practical realme 7 phone cover, which has also been given new features.


According to wear, choose the mobile phone case


Young people will care about the color and style of shoes, mobile phone cases, and bags before going out.Wearing a red clothes but the mobile phone case is green, you will feel that there is a problem with the matching, and the color of the socks will also be.

The matching color will form a self -consistent, not to say that it is beautiful, like a requirement and specification for yourself.


Social currency


Friends who do n’t know, just ask where to buy a mobile phone case, and ask for a link, you can open the box instantly, and the phone case becomes a social currency between young people.

Today, we buy a mobile phone case as easy as changing the desktop wallpaper and changing social software avatars.Maybe this is indeed one of the few hobbies that make people happy and not much money.


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